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Design Ideas, please!

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Hey Everyone!

I'm making a grad cake for a joint celebration for a girl and a boy. It will be a square three tier and will have three rows of horizontal circles on the top and bottom tiers. In those circles I will put their names. The cake itself will be white buttercream and there will be a black grad cap on top and stars will be on wires. My question is the middle tier - it is going to be a half tier (2" high) square, again in buttercream. I would like to just have four circles with 2012 in those. Should I keep the middle tier white or should I go with a colour? Not sure why I'm stumped on this but any ideas would be fantastic! Thanks!! (I am attaching the napkin that is serving as the inspiration for the cake)
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If the rest of the cake is white then i would make the middle tier white for continuity.
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I think I'd use colored bc and white circles to add a little contrast to the cake but that's just a personal preference. I think the cake will be beautiful either way!
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i agree with manddi-i would color the middle tier as well. it will add a nice pop of color and draw the eye into the cake. i think the green or the dark purple would work for both girl/boy. good luck and looking forward to pics of the finnished cake! and hello from Wpg!!
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Thanks everyone for your quick replies! I think I'll go with green for the middle tier (since the cake is white chocolate with key lime buttercream filling) and black circles to tie in with the black grad cap. I'll post a pic when I'm done!!
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