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Rocking horse

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hi There

i have done a rocking horse , but i have a problem to support it. it is heavy so when I put the upper part on the lower part, the modelling paste of the bottom just splits in two. any idea how to make this work??

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I think I will be able to help you, but I need to see a photo of it.
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I can't give you a photo of mine because it's still under's still all bits and pieces and haven't yet glued anything together..i just tried to put everything on top of each other but at the first few seconds the bottom broke

.but i'm working around this template that might help you...

for some reason it's not letting me add an attachment...but here's the link -
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The horse's legs need to have wire or wooden skewers inside for support.

The rocker at the bottom needs to be cut from fairly thick paste, and it needs to have wire in it for strength. It needs to be DRY DRY DRY before you stick the horse on.
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Oh I see now: many thanx for sending me the link. I think what u should ave done was: use little bit more Gum Trag in your modelling paste only to use with the bottom parts (2) or perhaps you may be able to insert two pices of florists' wire in to the 2 bottom pieces - if you do the latter then you would have to let the customer know that you had inserted wire in to the rocking chair...I hope this would help you. By the way the method is called Pastillege (I am not sure if the spelling is correct)
Good luck icon_smile.gif
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Thanks to both of you for the hints. i will try to redo the bottom part by inserting something...either wire or sticks...i think sticks might hold more. I hope they don't break as well lol!!!

i'll do them tomorrow and let them dry for a few days...then i'll assemble everything and will let you know how it goes!!! pray for meicon_smile.gif
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Here is a good recipe for you for Pastillage
450 g sifted icing sugar
1 Tbsp gum trag
4 Tbsp warm water
1 1/2 Tbsp Glucose Syrup (Light Corn Syrup)

How would you use sticks for this kind of shape? I guess this is the only solution; make and sue the above paste. Very important DRY THEM SEVERAL DAYS INSIDE THE HOUSE BEFORE ATTACH ONTO THE BODY or before standing the horse - you can use support till it completely dry and then slowly remove the support.
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Please have a look at this website
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