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Giant cupcake

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What would be the best way to do a giant cupcake without the mold? I thought about 6"or 7" round stacked then a part of the wonder mold for the top? Any ideas?
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If you stack 2 layers 8" and carve the base down to 6" that will make a realistic bottom. Bake the top in a stainless steel bowl using one cake mix (6 cups batter) if you have one that is fairly shallow.
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When my mom learned how to do that in pastry school, the chef instructor simply stacked cakes all the same size the height he wanted the bottom part of teh cupcake to be. Then he carved the cake away to create the tapered shape...but instead of tossing the cake bits he cut off, he simply slathered some icing on and slapped it on top of the cake, creating the mounded top of the cupcake. I imagine it takes quite a bit of icing, but it sounded like a great technique to get a giant cupcake cake without having to buy and store a special pan!
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