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Air Bubbles under Fondant

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I am new to this and so far have made 4 fondant covered cakes. I am really struggeling with air bubbles. I cover my cake with b/c and put the fondant on before it crusts. I use the fondant smoothers all over and it looks great.

I usually stick it in the fridge at this point to rest a bit before continueing. When I take it out a couple hours later there are airbubbles all over the top, never on the sides so far.

Thanks in advance
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As far as I know, once it is covered in cake, you should not be putting it in the fridge. I am not sure how that would cause air bubbles but it can cause other issues such as condensation.
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dont put it in the fridge, and any air bubbles can be sorted with the prick of a fine needle, just smooth it out after or fill the hole with a little royal icing,x
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I put most of my cakes in the fridge after covering with fondant and it does not cause air bubbles to form. You have to make sure that their are no air bubbles in the top before smoothing the sides at all. Make sure the top is totally smoothed out and then start smoothing the sides. When I am tempted to adhere fondant to the sides too early I almost always get air bubbles. If you catch it you can gently lift the fondant and push out the air. Also, I find that I get more air bubbles when I put fondant on fresh buttercream. It goes on smoother if the buttercream has crusted or if I put it in the fridge for awhile.
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I use a fine needle (be careful not to drop it on to the cake) to prick the bubble and smooth it out. I have never put a fondant covered cake in the fridge - but it could be done...but am not sure..
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Hey Everyone,
I am also going to be doing a cake with buttercream & covered in fondant. My question is since most of y'all say dont put it in the fridge. How far in advance do y'all make y'all cakes? I dont want my fondant to get hard.
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Hi There

I too am eager to read the feedbacks on this issue: many thanks

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Why is everyone so afraid of putting fondant covered cakes in the fridge? Yes you get a little condensation when you first take it out, but then it dries completely, without colors spreading. If you touch it a lot at first, yes you will mess it up, just don't touch the fondant until it's dry! If you look at a lot of professionals on tv, they all put them in the fridge too. You really loose a lot of flexibility with fillings if you don't refrigerate. My fondant covered cakes have fresh fruit fillings or cream cheese buttercream quite frequently. Never had a problem with cakes in the fridge!
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Thank you KrissieCakes;I value your post.
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