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hi all i'm makeing sugarshacks bc it calls for 2lbs. 1 1/4oz, i put in 1 and 1/4 cup crisco, it's really thick, so can u help me figure out how much 2 lbs of shortening and what the 1.1/4oz is for i figured the 15 tablespoons of coffee creamer was matched with 15 tbs of water. it's a half recipe as posted thank you so much is this edna's recipe thanks so much
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Ninatat~~Without analyzing the recipe, the first thing I noticed is that you used Crisco. Crisco is now made with zero transfat and does not mix as well as the old style Crisco that had trans-fats in the ingredients.

Here's a link where Edna talks about alternatives to zero-transfat Crisco:
I would suggest you double-check the ORIGINAL recipe and make absolutely sure that you have added all the halved ingredients correctly. If you have done that, then add a TEASPOON of water at a time until the mixture reaches the consistency that you want.
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ok thanks so much
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When I was brand-new at this whole cake thing, I made a batch of buttercream using my cousin's recipe. (She has been making cakes for 30 years in a rural part of Kansas.)

My first batch of buttercream in my new stand mixer was looking weird, so I called her at 10:30 pm and said, "It looks like dry biscuit dough". She went thru every step with me and as I read off the list I noticed that I had forgotten the liquid.


She was very gracious and hardly laughed at all. I've always been appreciative of that.
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hi do u give out the recipe, i'm looking for one that isn't that over powering sweet taste Thank you

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