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I have decided to venture into cheesecakes along with my current sugar cookie business. I'm wondering about packagiing. How exactly should they be packaged and is there a good website for the packaging.
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thanks so much
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If you are shipping, the package is the least of the issues. You need an FDA licensed kitchen and you must follow the guidelines set up by the FDA for safe shipping.

If this is for local pickup packaging, I use my same BRP boxes, 10x10 on a 10' round board. My cheesecakes are so heavy, they don't move on the board. I prefer to cover the box in plastic wrap and uncover the whole thing before presentation to the customer.
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Thanks. Only local for now. But I am all licensed and health inspected.
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FDA is a completely different and very involved licensing process. It has nothing to do with your local licenses which actually only give you the ability to work within that jurisdiction only. Your state Dept of Ag has the information.
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Thats where I am licensed from Dept of ag. But truly, at this point, only doing local. Thanks for the info
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This is not just for your information, it is read by the many cc members and readers. Again, the Dept of Ag is not the FDA. The Dept of Ag merely has the application for mailing out.

FDA licensing is the highest, most rigorous licensing. It is the one required for shipping. Dept of Ag is a state license, local HD's are for their own local jurisdictions, and FDA is for interstate and worldwide.

Again, I am not saying you need this, but your posts are contradicting the first post I wrote. A person reading this would assume that a Dept of Ag license would be the same as an FDA, and that is far from the case.
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I understand scp1127. And i promise I will check it out. I'm not even close to doing cheesecakes yet. But I truly appreciate you taking the time to give me this info.
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