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I know this is an old post, but hoping someone across the ditch can help me out. I am making a three tier fruitcake for my sons wedding later in the year. The bride has said she wants it as a stacked cake with cascading roses. I have no problem with that, but have just realised that of course most fruit cakes are only 3" high. A three tiered stacked cake will only e about 10" high, so with cascading roses would look ridiculous. There are only 80 guests, so was going to do 6:8:10. Any suggestions. I have this awful feeling of them walking into the reception and seeing this patheticly small cake at the other end of the hall. icon_sad.gif. Wish she wanted a "more American" type cake look with lovely tall tiers. icon_smile.gif. Wonders to myself if I make 4 tiers, larger bottom tier and then take home one for Christmas?

Maybe you could ask her if she would be OK with a dummy tier on the bottom?

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I have made tall-tier fruit cakes, usually when I need to put one fruit cake tier in with mudcake tiers. What I do is bake my usual 3" tall tier, then torte it and layer in 2 layers of my own homemade marzipan (which tastes amazing). I explain this to my brides...all love this idea, and the cakes have kept just as well as my solid fruit cakes covered and sealed in marzipan and fondant. You could also bake 2 x 2" tall layers, trim and stack.

The other suggestion is to use a fake 1" - 2" tall styro boost under each fruit cake tier.

Hope this is helpful to you!

Life's too short to make cake pops.
___________________________________ (come visit sometime!)


Life's too short to make cake pops.
___________________________________ (come visit sometime!)

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Thank you both, I do like the idea evoir of putting false bottoms on the cakes, combined with a total dummy cake to give the illusion of height
. Sometimes you just need someone to help you think outside the square! icon_smile.gif
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In the Caribbean  we mostly make fruit cakes for weddings.  Stacked cakes need at least 4" to look good, I bake each cake 2" and double them, when you make them 3' or higher they take too long to bake (who wants to bake a cake for 4 hours)and to join  them turn one of the cake so that the bottom is on top and the next cake the same way so that the bottom is on the top and finish it in the normal way.  Most people would disagree with what I do next I use crusted butter cream to crumb coat it and the put on the fondant.  and it work ,not because you have not tried  it does not mean it does not work   necessity is the mother of invention

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I did a two layer fruitcake tier fro a wedding.  Prepared as normal, but covered with marzipan and put marzipan between layers. 


Tips:  make cakes very early to let them mature.  Give yourself at least a month, more is better.


Cover with homemade marzipan(better and cheaper)  a full week before  you need to frost.  Traditional fruitcakes are frosted with royal icing(the hard stuff).. It is considered a treat to hack through the candy-like consistency.


Can you tell I researched the hell out of this?


BTW - all traditional fruitcake recipes can be scaled up or down very easily.  The better ones are more fruit than cake.

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Lol, thanks matthewkryankelly. Love the fact you did all that research. I have no problem with the cake. Have already made it for the November wedding. It smells DEVINE.. Lots of will power needed not to test. I think the royal icing thing is English? I have never seen that done in New Zealand. Traditionally we marzipan then fondant cover. Often the do the piping detail with royal icing. Must admit, I am still somewhat struggling with the thought of torting the cake and filling with marzipan. It would be very almondy wouldn't it? As above, I have made a 6/8/10 fruit cake and am going to make a 12" bottom layered lemon cake. I can't quite get my head around the fact that the bride wants such an old fashioned cake in this day and age, so I am adding the bottom tier for all those that don't eat fruit cake. She says she doesn't want me to bug her with detail, that she'll love whatever I do. Yay for artistic licence.
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I found the homemade marzipan to be excellent. It was not at all too almondy. On the contrary, it was very subtle.  it made an excellent base and worked similar to fondant.  It should be a great base for your fondant and fine to put between layers.  I found the flavor to be no more obtrusive in a fruitcake than apricot jam.

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You've just about convince me to try this homemade marzipan. Would you mind sharing your recipe please? I'm willing to try new things all the time. Many thanks
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