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Keyboard cake

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I have been asked to do a 25 inch keyboard cake. Any helpful hints would be appreciated. Can I print sheet music on rice paper? I am not sure how much carving would be involved and the size and number of the keys (black and white). I am planning on using white fondant that I will airbrush black. Will the black colour run into the white keys? Please advise ASAP. Thanks
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The black keys stick up above the white keys. You would do better to make each black key from a strip of black fondant. No carving at all for the keys. The body of the unit should be sheet cake with end pieces of rice krispies treat--no carving except for the corners.

Decide how many octaves (multiples of 7 white keys) you want to make, plus one at the top. Then the white keys are a piece of cake--you roll a strip, use a ruler to indent for each key, lay it down. Done.

The black keys are narrower and shorter. You roll a second strip of black fondant 1/4" thick, cut strips, stick them down. End of story.

Print sheet music onto rice paper--great idea.
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