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Handbag / purse help

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Hi everyone,

I want to make a handbag cake for a family birthday party which is coming up. Can anyone point me to any tutorials or give me any tips? I have been trying to research this myself but every tutorial I find seems to be not quite what I'm looking for!!!

This is the style of cake I would like to make:

I am trying to work out how to make an upright cake of this shape and also how has this cake been covered in fondant? I can't see a join anywhere, and there looks to be a slight lip at the top which I assume would have been squashed if the whole thing was turned upside down to be covered using one sheet of fondant.

I really want to make a good job of this cake, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

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It looks like the fondant was joined on the right side of the purse.
It is possible to make your fondant seams barely visible. The easiest way is to cover them up with decorations. In this case the seam is down the side, so it could look cute if you put a strip of flowers down the seam, and on the other side of the purse as well. This way it looks like you planned it.
The other way is to use a small bit of water and gently smooth out the seam. You can use your finger, or I sometimes use one of the rounded flower tools.
Hope this helps!!
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I think the top is first covered by fondant then they wrapped the fondant around the cake. Maybe you can use this tutorial , it looks kind of similar well except for the handles :
hope this helps thumbs_up.gif
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I agree with everyone else on how it was done (wrapping)...
I did it myself here:

If you scroll down into the comments you can see the large piece of fondant I used to wrap my cake...the seam was at the back.

You could also cut 2 fondant panels (pieces) to cover the entire front of the purse, and one to cover the entire back...they would meet at the sides.
I think this way is easier.

Sharon Zambito has a great purse cake DVD that is essentially the same shape as the purse in your can get a good idea of the techniques used just by this short clip:
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If there is a seam in the fondant, why not make it so it lands on the side, and incorporate that as the actual seam of the purse? I would make another "seam" on the other side using a tool so it looks more "natural"...
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Hi everyone, thanks so much for all the great advice! I feel like I can take on the task now - you have all helped me understand how it fits together. I'm doing a practice cake at the weekend so I'll let you know how it goes. Thank you again!!!!!
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