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Adding Banana to Puppy Cake Mix

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I am finally getting around to making a cake for my sweet dog, Maggie. She turned 16 a few months ago and I want her to have a special treat. I have a Puppy Cake Banana cake mix. It is specifically for dogs. Maggie really loves banana so I thought I would add some real banana to the cake. Could I add a half or a whole banana without messing things up? You add 1 egg, 3/4 Cup water and 1/4 Cup oil to the cake mix. Will the banana mess with how it's baked?


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Hey Jenn,

Mashed Banana that is thoroughly mixed with the batter adds density to your finished product. If you leave it in chunks and fold it into the batter you shouldn't have this issue and it would give Maggie yummie pieces of baked banana in the cake. If you want a whole banana mashed and thoroughly mixed I would use 1/2 cup of water. Hope this helps! And congrats Maggie!

PS: for future reference with cake mixes that ask for water, you can substitute the water for any fruit purée. After all, fruit is essentially flavored water with fiber. Banana is a thicker than say a raspberry purée or orange juice, so I wouldn't take all of the water out for banana.
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How interesting you mention this Puppy cake mix.
Last night I was watching "Shark Tank" which is a TV program where multi-millionairs financially help out people struggling to get a business going.
Puppy cake mix was one of the products/people looking for $50,000 icon_smile.gif
The millionairs didn't like her pitch.......they said NO. They thought not enough people would have any interest in buying such a specialized product.
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I've been thinking about making cupcakes suitable for dogs over here...people treat their dogs better than their kids most of the time icon_rolleyes.gif
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