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Coloring and design question

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Hi! Making some cupcakes next week for a mustache themed birthday party. The client wants cupcakes with a layer of buttercream and then buttercream mustaches on top of that.
First of all, they want some of them colored sandy blonde. Any ideas on how to get this color?
Second, I'm not sure how to pipe mustaches with buttercream. I know they won't stand up like a topper or a royal icing mustache, but I'd like for them to stand out somehow and not just blend in to the icing below it. What tip do you all think I should use, and what's the best way to pipe it on top so it doesn't look too limp?
Thanks for the help! icon_smile.gif
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Get yourself some gel colours (I use both Wilton and Americolor) in copper (for the faces) plus gold, brown, black, terracotta, etc.

Tint the base icing to look like skin. Tint small amounts of icing for different colours of hair. OK to make some grey..For sandy blonde, you make some light gold and some brown, and you streak the two icings together without mixing completely..

Then take small star tubes (#13-14) to pipe the mustaches in different shapes. Use a toothpick to sketch the place on the cupcake "face" where the mustache would normally grow.

Just pipe lines close together to make a handlebar mustache first. The icing will not look limp if you keep the tip above the surface of the cupcake. Keep building up the "hair" until each mustache looks right.

Look for some pictures online to do other shapes. Do some with beards too You will have a lot of fun doing these.
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Holy cow, you're an expert!
Thank you so much for the great info.!
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Maria, when you have a little spare cash, buy a few of the Wilton Celebrate yearbooks on ebay (don't spend more than $10 each). Wilton has posted all the patterns online. There are a lot of ideas as well as all those cute cakes that used to be piped and are now usually shown in fondant or cricut or printed.

Cake decorating is FUN when you have to use icing bags and tips.
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