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Ballina v satin ice

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Hi everyone...I am wondering if anyone out there has used Ballina fondant....I have only used Satin Ice and I like it, but I will be ordering some flowers from a company and they don't seem to have Satin Ice and only sell Ballina...I tend to think ALL fondant isn't very tasty and way to sweet, but I would like to know if it's on par with Satin Ice...Thank you...
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Sorry, I've never heard of it. Here's a bump though.
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I tried it once a few years ago. I promptly returned it to the store. It was very stretchy and wouldn't hold it shape for anything. I bought it because they didn't have satin ice in stock. Now the store doesn't even sell Ballina
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That's the Argentinian fondant. I'm sure more people in the Español forum use it. I've never seen it here in the US. I know about it because there are amazing figure modeling decorators in argentina, including Martha Biscardi, Marcela Capó and Eva Benavente and their magazines always have this fondant in their ads.

Here's a small discussion about it.
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hmmm...okay, guys, thanks...
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Some people who have used it.

I think I've read that it tastes like tutti-frutti and that it's almost like the marshmallow fondant some people make. I'm tempted to order it now just to try. I know Satin Ice is "drier" and sticks less. The Ballina might not be. Even though in Argentina is the number one brand and it's recommended for ease of use. But Martha Ballina had a big cake decorating school and many people went there so they for sure had to get used to it. As for flavor, I only hear good things.
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