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Scratch Cakes

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Hey everyone, I usually use the doctored cake mix from this website for all my cakes because they are so durable and hold up well but would really like to start making my cakes from scratch. Does anyone have any comparable recipes that hold up well to carving and stacking, etc.?
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I think you will get some answers if you give us a flavor. I don't carve cakes so I can't help you.
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for chocolate cake I use the herseys recipe, its never failed on me once, just don't fill your pans to much. For yellow cake I use toba garretts recipe from her book, BEAT BEAT BEAT the butter and sugar and it will never fail! For red velvet, I use cake man ravens recipe with cake flour only. Mud I use one I got off a cake group on facebook. And I got an AMAZING strawberry recipe from here on CC.... I haven't found an amazing white cake recipe yet, I still use doctored for that.

Some good books to get are Roses heavenly cakes (though for some reason her cakes tend to b on the drier side but theres ALOT of good info. And the well decorated cake.

Hope that helps
24 years old, Mom to no one and damn proud of it lol. 
24 years old, Mom to no one and damn proud of it lol. 
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Hmmm I use the Hersheys chocolate recipe for cakes and cupcakes now because my scratch chocolate sponge cake recipe could not be safely doubled or tripled for larger orders. Became very dry. I have found doctored mixes here can be increased in volume significantly with zero quality change. Althought I must admit I am looking for a really good and moist vanilla cake recipe. Is yellow cake considered vanilla cake? I use the "tasty and moist vanilla pound cake" recipe from this site under '"most saved recipes" and have been getting repeat orders for it in cupcakes and cakes. But! I prefer the moistness of WASC and sour cream cakes. I tried tha Vanilla WASC recipe and it was too sweet so I am once again looking for a good vanilla cake or if this is what a yellow cake is. Pretty much,..a nice birthday cake taste.
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A yellow cake is just a cake with egg yolks. Both yellow and white are vanilla cakes if they have vanilla added. The yolks just make the taste a bit richer in the case of yellow.
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What yellow cake recipes have yall found to be very good? I am going through the Classic Yellow Cake recipe under most saved recipes on CC and the reviews seem good so far.
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