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What do you take to a delivery

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I'm just wondering what people take with them when delivering a cake to fix anything that happens during transport or just to finish off a cake on site. Do you have a typical "911 Kit" that you keep together, or do you bring what was used on that cake? Thanks for the help!
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YES, a MUST do!! I always bring a bottle of water with a paintbrush, papertowels, extra icing that went with cake(in piping bag or container), crisco in a container(not the actual container(wouldn't look right at reception)), piping gel in case water isn't enough depending on weight of decorations, extra made decorations in case of breakage on travels, and your camera! That's all I can think of! Get in the habit of it..important,,most time I don't need, but one time it was needed NEVER know! Photograper took pics of me fixing up a cake one make sure you look professional, OH and GLOVES!! Do NOT touch cake without gloves ! Make sure you bring those too..Best of luck!
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Thanks! I'm just starting out making cakes for things other than my family parties so I'm just trying to get some ideas of what I need to bring.
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Any decorations i make for my cakes i always make extra - that way if something should happen i ahev spares.
Like jenscreativity i also take my *kit*
Sugar glue - paint brush - spare decorations - long handled tweezers - a brand new damp cloth to wipe away any mess that might be on table/table cloth that is set up by reception - my camera (a must) - business cards - PLUS a little oiece of folded i have found a coupke of tines that either the floor or table isn't even can stop a table from wobbling
thumbs_up.gif .

I take all my things in a little white basket - so as everything is kept neat and tidy during my delivery... nothing worse than seeing someone (who is handling a food substance) unorganised and messy.

Hope this helps.

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great ideas!
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Wow! I just pulled out my pad of paper and made a list of eleven items from this thread. Thanks so much for taking the time to share this with us. Very helpful.
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I take all of the above. I have a neat setup in a fishing tackle box so that I can also carry bent spatula, large and small, extra piping bags etc. I also keep in my car disposable bags (garbage, grocery) and a wisk broom and dust pan set just in case, especially if I am doing a cake with any sprinkles or "sand". And yes the gloves are a MUST. And one of the easiest ways to look professional is to have a nice apron. But most of all, looking relaxed and confident seems to impress people the most.
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Thank you so much everyone for your help!!
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I take all of the above plus my GPS, a piece of paper and pen and scotch tape, straight pins to pin stubborn fabric in place on a slippery tablecloth and believe it or not I bring a roll of clear shipping tape - used to pick up bits and specks on the tablecloth and styrofoam pieces on the floor from candle holder boxes. Then always keep at least one business card in your pocket or bag to give to brides who have been invited to the venue just prior to an event to see the place all set up.
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