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I totally agree on the sharp edge comment. From my queries its seems the general public prefers rounded edges. Maybe Cake decorators think it displays more skill to have sharp edges (which is of course true) and that's why many like it. I personally prefer rounded edges - whilst we are making a work of art it is still a cake and not a box we're decorating and I think rounded edges look much nicer (unless of course you're doing a shoe box or something!!).
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It's worth asking the client which they prefer. The rounded edges were the norm until they started showing a lot of dummy styrofoam cakes in magazines, then decorators seemed to start thinking that the sharp edges were better. Of course you can get a sharp edge on styrofoam,no problem, haha! But I did find it interesting when I ask people which one they want, they generally don't want that really sharp edge. Some do, some don't, sometimes it depends on the cake design.
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I think sharp edges rock! Not everyone can pull them off, but when done right they look amazing and my customers agree icon_smile.gif
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Ok, So I am super new to this fondant thing. ButIi have to make cake for birhday party in the middle of July. SInce it going sit in the sun for most of the party, should swtich to usineg a crusting butter cream and frezze the spray with watter?
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I also use the technique described by kakeladi. Here's a video:

It makes it so much easier.
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