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Making the perfect cupcake

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What tool do you recommend for getting the cupcakes to come out all the same size. It seems no matter what I have tried in the past, I cannot get all of them to come out the same size....... Is there a specific measurement I should be using....1cup, 1/2cup of batter etc. icon_surprised.gif)

Thanks in advanced.

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This works great for me icon_smile.gif
~ Amy ~
~ Amy ~
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If the same amount of batter goes into each cup, they should all bake up the same size, unless you have really uneven heating in your oven.

I like to use my yellow #20 foodservice disher. These things come in SO handy for baking. I use them for cookie dough, too.
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An ice cream scooper-spring action works well.
Chef Angie
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I use an icecream scoop and use a spatula and run it across the top to remove excess they come out exactly same size every time.
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THANKS for the recommendations! If I use the ice cream scooper is it just one scoop? Normally I just dump the batter in....and "try" and eye ball it...but the eye balling is not working any more. icon_biggrin.gif
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I use one scoop using my large Pampered Chef scooper.
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Those ice cream scoops are becoming a thing of the past as far as ice cream goes. The new ones are just one piece like this. Image
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if you are looking for "ice cream scoop" then yes, what is pictured is the current favored shape for that.

But really, check out the link kelleyM posted to the commercial restaurant supply for the dishers (i.e. spring action scoops). Those are just wonderful! And reminds me that i need to get some of those cool color coded ones. My local restaurant supply store didn't have the color handles. is a great resource, but most of your local restaurant supply stores will sell to the general public. I love going in and browsing and seeing what cool gadgets I want.

Another way to make sure that you have an equal amount in each cup is to weigh after each addition knowing what your starting measurement was and increasing your total for each consecutive cup filled (if your first cup was 2.5 oz, then your next weight would be 5 oz, then 7.5 oz, etc.).
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I have recipes that need a fill of 2/3, some 3/4, and a very few that go almost to the top. I also use tulip liners for business and regular liners for schools, personal, etc. Because of this, I have every disher in every number. There is a number on the little arm that swings in the cup. I mark all of my recipes as to the fill number. Then based on the liner used, I use the appropriate disher (scoop) to get the exact fill.

Even on my micros and minis, I have a disher that will do the exact amount I need. I actually write the disher size next to the liner size (tulip, reg, mini, micro) so that I don't have to guess every time. Plus if you plan to expand with employeees if you are a business, the sizes help.

The best dishers I have found are from Sur La Table. They don't have every size. I fill in with OXO and ones from restaurant supply stores.

By now most of you know that I'm somewhat OCD about my baking. But this is a tip because I don't like wearing out my hands for no reason. In every place from SLT to the restaurant store, every disher in the pile will have a different amount of pressure needed to push the lever. I check for the easiest ones.

Also, if you use these for cookies (yes, perfect sizes there too), the ones from the restaurant supply stores will eventually break or twist, but they are the cheapest and only cookies like chocolate chip will break them.
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I use my ice cream scoops for muffins, cookies, and cupcakes, one scoop in whichever size I need. For weighing larger coffeecakes and cakes, I use the largest scoop and fill until the scale amount is right. The scoops are a nice tool.
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Thanks to everyone....I will be purchasing my ice cream scooper today!!! Probably more than one... icon_surprised.gif)

Along with trying to make my own buttercream frosting for the cupcakes. I am always the one that uses the stuff in a can....but hear homemade works the best for cupcake cakes........ More than likely once I go homemade I won't be turning back!!! :

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The large Pampered Chef is my favorite for standard sized cupcakes. The smaller one is perfect for mini cupcakes. When I try a new recipe I always bake one cupcake to test since it depends on the recipe as well. Some dome more and some are more flat. This helps determine if I need a level scoop or a slightly rounded scoop.
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