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Question about Scratch WASC

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I'm new here and this is my first post. I know this topic has been covered a lot based on what I've read, but I have questions. I've tried many different vanilla cake recipes and have yet to find one that tastes like classic birthday cake from when I was a kid, and like white cake from a box mix. I'm looking for a scratch cake like this, do I use a WASC? Also, I know it calls for almond extract, but I don't want my cake to taste like almond, should I omit it?

If this isn't the cake I should be using, does anyone have a cake that tastes like what I'm looking for? All the ones I've tried have tasted like sugar cookies or haven't been anything like what I'm looking for.

Thanks for your help.
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I hate to say this but I think you will be lost if you are looking for a scratch cake with a box mix taste. Box mixes have so many chemicals and artificial flavors in them that it is nearly impossible to replicate that taste.

I understand where you are coming from about the sugar cookie taste. That is usually with butter recipes. If you can find an oil-based yellow recipe that might work better for you. Yes you can eliminate almond extract. I usually add more vanilla extract to recipes anyway.
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Thanks so much!

I just found an oil-based one I'm going to try right now, then I'll try a WASC without the almond extract and see which one I like best.
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If there's a particular cake you have in mind from your childhood, the best bet is to ask whomever used to make them for you. Or find an old cookbook. Good luck. I have fond memories of my mom's always from scratch cakes.
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