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Paula Deen put her name to that ooey gooey cake, but she didn't invent it as people seem to think. Maybe you should check her recipe against the some of the original St. Louis recipes? You can really use any good vanilla cake of your liking for the cake part. It was invented in the 1930s and people even used a mix for the cake part...a lot. I think the original had a yeast raised sweet dough on the bottom, but it has been replaced with just vanilla cake.

Glad your changes are working for you, though.
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OK, maybe call me dense, but this recipe looks like a failed recipe to me, something that would be thick, heavy, deflate in the oven and be and very wet.

Could this be another example of a non-scratch baker with a failed recipe that has figured out how to sell it anyway?

Suzie Cakes is a chain here that drives me nuts and is an example of this - the cupcakes are straight caved in failed cupcakes. Dense, strange texture, with a big sunken cavity. But they load the sunken cavities with frosting from a can and call them "Frosting Filled!". I would estimate cake to icing ratio is 1:3.

People pay $3+ each and gobble them up. I think they are beyond gross.
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You're right Jen. It's like an overly sweet, wet bar. The one I made was a pumpkin one. I made it about ten years ago and I remember thinking how strange it was to add an entire one pound box of powdered sugar into the batter.
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Okay, I obviously wasn't getting the notifications of responses!!! I just haphazardly came back to this post and saw all of your responses! They're making me LMBO!

First off, I can't stand PD either--I browsed upon the recipe, trying to find one that used both sour cream and buttermilk (I like some of both because it seems to keep the cake moist). I really have no baking background and haven't even been scratch baking for a year, so the science part is all new to me icon_wink.gif

I appreciate all of your insights!! And I am **dying** to find out what recipes FromScratchSF would recommend my trying instead icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif
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Well if you head on to her blog there's a scratch white cake that has been getting rave reviews. You might like it.
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vgcea: is this the link ??

I'm not too technically savvy icon_wink.gif Is that her blog?
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Thanks for the suggestion--I can't wait to try this recipe this week!
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