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It worked!

I did 3 different samples with gum paste- 50/50, tylose powder and Gum-tex with Fondarific.  It took 2-3 days for the roses , daisies and leaves to firm up and they are not as firm as fondant or gumpaste, but adequate. For those clients who want to eat the decorations, this is acceptable, as mine want to- they do not like the taste of Satin Ice. However, I would not make the big gift package style bow on top of my cake out of it. I wouldn't trust it, it takes so long to firm up, even if the loops were stuffed with cotton or viva. Otherwise, I too, would just use my Satin Ice fondant/ gum paste since it dries so quickly.

I haven't yet tried my Fondarific to cover a cake.  I'll let you know how that goes- worried about the stretch factor for that. 

Taste- wow.  Everyone of the Fondarifics taste fabulous- I ordered samples of every flavor.  My client liked them as did my family.  The Cinnamon Bun- amazing and the Orange, Lemon, melon, and berry- surprisingly really good- very useful if I need these colors instead of adding lots of food coloring and the taste of them complement and not compete with my cake flavor. Would be great for decorations on kids cakes, too- particularly for blue, orange and bright green.  The chocolate is also fabulous :).  

To me and those who have sampled my fondant cakes with Satin Ice- we end up peeling it off, not a pleasant taste or texture.  Not awful but definitely not pleasant - and And the Fondarific doesn't contain Titanium Dioxide, which is in my sunscreen :( . Most of my cakes are buttercream, will see what happens when I cover a test cake with this fondant. Thanks for the replies.