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M&M decorating question

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For those of you who have decorated cakes (buttercream frosting) with M&Ms...have you ever had a problem with the colors fading? I am doing a wedding cake upcoming that they want covered with M&Ms.

When I did a test cake a couple of weeks ago, the colors faded (it did go back in the fridge overnight and then about an hour after it came out (and was sitting out), I noticed the M&Ms color were faded...could this be due to the temperature difference? If so, should I decorate the M&Ms on the cake the day of the wedding? Will the cake be alright sitting out all day then??

Questions, Questions, I know...still learning!!
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The M&M s faded because of humidity.

Stick them on to a chilled NOT frozen cake at the last minute. The cake should then be OK for the duration of the party.
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the tough part is the wedding is 2hrs away and the cake will be completely covered in M&Ms...will it be alright for the cake to be out for pretty much the day (decorate the cake around 10am, travel to wedding arriving around starts at 5?

I'm doing this as a favor to a friend and am new to the logistics of wedding cakes and what can be out for how long and what not.

Any resource links greatly appreciated!!
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I would transport the cake cold and put them on at the wedding. I had to do this at a family wedding with those tiny dragees. I gathered a few teenagers, gave them all some tweezers and some piping gel, and they did a perfect job.
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Unless you're using a perishable filling, there's no need for the cake to go in the fridge. In fact, it's best to avoid the fridge if you can because it tends to dry the cake out. Buttercream is fine at room temp for days.

I've only done one cake with M&Ms that I can recall and I didn't have any trouble with color fading. I'd be more worried about the dyes from the candy shell seeping into the frosting, actually. How humid is the wedding venue likely to be? icon_smile.gif

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So if I am finished baking everything on Friday, I can ice it (dirty) then fully frost it and decorate it on Friday and leave it be until we head down to the wedding on Saturday?

I'm using the Fluffy Buttercream frosting recipe posted here (no other filling, just the frosting between layers).
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