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Thank you all for taking the time to reply!

I have just launched a little website with some of the designs i have produced for anyone who cares to take a look - to hear your feed back or what you would hypothetically charge if they were your designs would be great. Note - the prices online are NOT the price i charged for them when made, more like half or less! But having now made some designs, and to a time scale, i now have a better estimate of timings to reproduce these.

I have researched a lot in area and the artistic style cakes in which i would like to specialise, don't seem to be anything like that of anyone else's.

Thankyou for your advice on ingredients break down costs, i have done this along with pricing for the drums/fondant/ribbon extras just really seems to be pricing my time, and my being honest and realistic about how long the cake make take me to decorate that seems to be my down fall!

Im sure its all just new and once ive got my confidence up i hope my ability to price my work will reflect that - Thanks again

NB- I have an added an attachment (i think!) of one of my designs to give you an idea of my work icon_smile.gif