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Wheat Free/Gluten Free Flour Recipes

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Anyone have a good recipe to make wheat free/gluten free flour? I have seen all kinds of combinations but wondered if anyone has one that works well in cakes and cookies.

Also, I noticed that some recipes call for Xantham gum or Guar gum. I have never seen this in stores. Are there good online sources to buy this?
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Check out the Annalise Roberts recipe book for gluten free baking. She does an excellent job of explaining why she uses which flours for which cakes.

Bobs Red Mill brand for xanthan and guar, very reasonable prices for bulk packages. bobsredmill online if you can't find it in a bigger city near you. Good brand for specialty flour in general.
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In my experience, I have found that different subs work better in different recipes. Just like with vegan and wheat/dairy desserts, there is no one great ingredient.

Health food stores do have an AP flour substitute in a 5 lb bag. They have quite a bit of it, so I'm assuming that they sell plenty of it. But it may to be for fried chicken. I don't know.

The one I love the most (because of customer feedback) is sweet white rice flour, but again, I don't know if it can be generically used. This one does not require the extras.
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I am exclusively a gluten free baker. I have a standard flour I use in cakes and it does not work for cookies. Each different kind of pastry/cake/cookie needs a bit of a different blend. Better Batter is a premade all purpose blend that does an excellent job for cakes. I don't like it for cookies. Xanthan gum and guar gum are sold in my regular grocery store in the organic/natural foods section with the other Bob's Red Mill products. You only need a small bag. Even if you bake GF frequently, you only use 1 tsp or so per recipe so it lasts quite awhile.
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coleslawcat, I'm not an experienced GF/vegan/allergy baker, but I'm glad to know that the growing pile of bags of wheat flour alternatives is a necessity.

I love the challenge because I have been a scratch baker my whole life and this is a new skill to learn.

Just like with scratch baking, the only way to perfect it is to do it, fail, and do it again until it's perfect. And that's just one recipe.
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