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Moshi Monsters

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Has anyone made any moshi monster characters...what is the best way to make them? I am planning to use fondant...
I have not done a lot of characters...but was hoping to try them...any helpful ideas, suggestions, welcome!
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I made a moshi monster cake for my sons 5th birthday, I just studied online and picked out the easiest (or so I thought!) characters from the websites. I used sugarpaste and made them a week or so before they were needed. You can see my cake on here, I'm still learning so not upto the usual standard on here but my son was pleased with it.
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I made a Moshi Monster cake for my friends Daughter and her friend, the figures i made from fondant, they were a little too soft but i managed to model them out of it. For a good tip if you add Tylo Powder to your fondant and then wrap it and leave it for 12 hours you will find that your models will stay in place and not sink!!, alternatively you could just use modeling chocolate or modeling paste. Hope this helps, there are a couple of pic in my photo's if you still need an idea.
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Hi. i made a moshi monster cake last week. I did a Katsuma figure in relief, using a picture from the internet as a template. I will try and post a picture of it in my gallery today. Hope this helps.
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