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Ideas for fairies??

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I have been asked by my best friend to make cupcakes for her daughter's birthday. She'd like the theme to be "Rainbow Fairies" - a children's book series. Any ideas on how to tackle this??? Any suggestions would be very helpful! I'm fairly new to baking and decorating but I can do some fondant work.

Some images:
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Have you looked through the CakeCentral Galleries section, using the key word 'fairies'?
I did just that and got some lovely results.
You might get some ideas from there and perhaps you could email some of the people who made any cakes you especially liked.
Galleries can be a real inspiration source.
Good luck and do let us know how you go. icon_smile.gif
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Thank you - that is an excellent idea!! Since I'm new to this website, I didn't even think to do that! Now onto the Galleries section....Thanks again!!
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Hi new to the forum as well, I created an account because I thought I may have something to contribute! I just bought molds from this site, though I have not received them yet, the details on these molds look amazing. Here's there selection of fairies:
I would think you could use colored white chocolate or royal icing and dust with glitter.
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