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This is beautiful weather here has me craving something sunny, sweet and tangy. I have a ton of oranges..!!!
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I made a pink champagne cake once and it was awesome, very delicate flavor.
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I made the Oceana restaurant champagne cake and it was delicious!!
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Thank you to the post about the reduction of the champagne and being able to safely serve it to children. I appreciate this very much!


Making champagne cupcakes with strawberry puree injected inside, topped with delicious champagne buttercream to serve at a wedding! Love that I can come to CC and find the answers I need! Thank you!

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And I still cannot find this Oceana recipe, if that is the one everyone is referring to on this thread. I was just going to use my normal WASC variation and substitute champagne... have you all found a better way? Cannot find Oceana champagne cake (or cupcakes, which is what I'm making) on Google or YouTube.



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