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Round cake on a square board...what do you think?

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I was just wondering if it looks ok to put a round cake on a square board. I recently started buying 1/2" foam core sheets from Hobby Lobby and it's a good price with a coupon. It's much cheaper than the drums that my local cake store sells (like $6 and up). Since everything I do is gratis for the most part, I really can't afford to keep dumping money into drums that I never see again. I don't have a hot knife to cut the foam core into circles, but I plan on getting one probably next month. In the meantime, I have five cakes to do. Just wanted to get your opinion on this. The link below is my most recent round cake with a square board. I thought it looked ok.


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It looks very cute! I love the way you decorated it. I might make the square a little bigger to see how that looked.
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I do the same thing. I think a round cake on the square looks fine. I wrap the edges with coordinating ribbon and it looks cute. icon_smile.gif
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I like putting round cakes on a square board. I don't do it all the time, but like to especially if I am going to decorate the board also.
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A round cake can look cute on a square. I usually have DH cut my boards, and he doesn't mind cutting round foam core.

I have a hot knife and I never use it. It doesn't cut well because the foam core has paper over it, the knife cuts beautifully through foam, but gets held up on the paper. I have the one that was about $20 at the craft store. Not sure if another kind might work better or if someone else knows a better way of using it. Just something to think about before you buy one.
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Ok thanks-that makes me feel better! I appreciate it!

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I think the square board looks fine.

I had no luck with the hot knife on 1/2 inch foamcore.

I use an Xacto knife with the #2 blade. It looks like the common Xacto blade, but it's bigger and longer. It takes two go-arounds to cut out a circle. It also takes practice to cut straight and cleanly.

I've enlisted my husband to invent an attachment to my knife that will prevent it from tilting when I cut, which results in tapered sides.
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I use square boards with my round cakes all the time. I do make the board 4" larger than the cake though. If I have an 8" round cake base I use a 12" square board. I either use MDF boards that my hubby cuts for me and get them back from the customer or I use 1/2" foam core if the customer is too far away to get the board back easily.
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I do this all the time. It makes the cake more secure in the cake box when customers have to drive them home. It also gives more of a place to hold the board when you want to get the cake out of the box.
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Thanks guys. I have a huge drafting/cutting table in my office with a plethora of Xacto blades that I can use. I cut like a kindergartner though so I think my DH is just going to cut them at home. It's just a cheaper alternative and I think they look nice when you cover them in fondant and trim with ribbon.
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I use a box cutter (or rather DH uses a box cutter). I just race the outline for him using a cake pan the size I want the board to be.
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Yes, it looks great, I like the contrast of square and round.
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The cake in your link looks good. I would go with a slightly larger square though.
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Thanks again guys! Just bought some foam core on my lunch break. Woot!
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I use foamcore all the time and just take a cake pan one size larger than the cake - place it right side up on the foam core, trace around the pan bottom (as a pattern) then cut on the line with an Exacto knife - regular size. Then I cover the board with sticky-back shelf liner and trim with a ribbon around the edge.
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