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Royal icing... bubbles(?) showing up as it dries... pls help

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Hi all! I've had this problem for over a year and can't find a solution. It seems like every time I flood cookies with royal, they get what looks like teeny tiny bubbles that show up as it dries. I use Sugarbelle's 20 sec icing recipe and it goes on great, any bubbles I see I pop with a toothpick and smooth over. I've also used other recipes and thinner flood coats with the same "bubbles." I use a squeeze bottle (sometimes a bag) mostly to apply the flood coat. I let the icing sit, covered, for about an hour before applying it to get all the bubbles to the top and pop them. Could it be the way I'm applying it? I squeeze it on, leaving a bit of the tip in the icing so it coats more evenly and go over the whole cookie in even strokes and then shake it a bit when I'm done to settle it.
This is really driving me nuts... help, please! Pics are attached!
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After you make your RI, how long do you let it rest before using it?

I let it rest for at least minutes. After that I just gently mix with a spoon.

Even with that I will get a bubble or two, but it helps a lot
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I just read on the sweetsugarbelle (dot com) website that she leaves her RI in a cup covered with a damp towel for a few minutes...the bubbles tend to rise to the top and it rids the icing of them...look at her whole site...I have been there for at least an hour watching her videos, etc. She has great tutorials and links to others...very helpful. Hope this guides you to a better place than just being frustrated! LOL
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when you mix your RI, use a small/mini wire whip and stir in a figure 8 motion. This should cut down, if not eliminate, those pesky bubbles.
When you find any on your cookies, use a hat/corsage pin to pop them as soon as you can.
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thanks everybody! I let my icing rest for about an hour before using.
Kakeladi, do you mean to mix it with a wisk instead of the stand mixer when I first start to make the icing, or after I let the icing rest to get the bubbles that rise to the top out?
I love Sugarbelle's blog... I've been there off and on watching and reading, too!
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Once RI has been made you need to thin it a bit. This is when I use a wire wisk.
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you may already do this, but after you fill a cookie, run a toothpick lightly through the whole thing, even if you don't see bubbles. It may help. Otherwise, I'm not really sure what to tell you!
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Oh, okay! I get it now, kakeladi! thanks!
Blueskies4444, I will try that as well!

One more question... what speed do you all mix your royal at? I use the paddle on medium/medium-high on my KitchenAid for about 7 minutes or until it's stiff. Is that too fast maybe, and it's adding extra bubbles?
Goodness, I'm questioning everything right now!
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I second blueskies suggestion to run the toothpick through the icing after flooding. Also, maybe try massaging your piping bag a little before you start piping. Good luck!
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I ended up letting the flood icing sit for longer (over an hour) and ran a toothpick through after flooding and they turned out much better. Thanks again, everyone!
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I agree with what everyone ha said. One more thing you can try while you let your thinned icing sit for a while, pick it up and tap it a few times on your table or countertop. I have found that the tapping causes even more bubbles to rise to the top.
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