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cake pop first timer, pls help

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hi everyone icon_smile.gif

I would love to try making cake pops and when a friend asked if i can make some for her daugters bday i said yes! Of course it will be a gift, shes going to provide the ingredients and ill do it for free icon_smile.gif

So i got a couple of questions that i want to ask.
1. Is candy melts the same with chocolate disks? If not, can i use chocolate disks? I seldom see candy melts here in the Philippines.
2. How early can i make the cake pops? I ned to make them early as possible coz im going to make a cake also for her daughter.
3. Any useful tips that a first timer can use that you can share?

If theres a sticky thread about cake pops, pls direct me to them...

Thank you in advance icon_smile.gif

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cake pops are alot of fun icon_smile.gif

Cake pops properly stored in the fridge can last up to two weeks. Never had them last more than a few days in my house but I have heard people store them longer.

Theres a thread on cake balls which is basically the same as cake pops which you can get alot of tips from.

HTH icon_smile.gif
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Thanks a bunch james81... Ive been reading 80++ thread now while munching on chips... icon_smile.gif
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I've made quite a few cake pops lately, and here are the things I have discovered that help me.

I use the candy melts if I need a different colour than white or brown (chocolate), but after it's melted I add in about 1/2 a tablespoon of oil and stir it around it helps thin the candy melts as I find they are too thick.

Use very little icing at first and then add if you need more. Roll it in your hand and if it falls apart rolling it it needs a little bit more icing.

I roll the balls and place them on a piece of parchment paper on a cookie sheet, I put the sticks in before putting them in the freezer. This helps the stick cool and the cake pop stay in place alot better.

Dip the cake pop straight in and don't swirl it around.... that will make the cake pop come apart on the stick! (learnt this the hard way) LOL

I also bought one of those cake pop decorating stands from Walmart, and it works pretty well...

I found it took a good few tries in doing cake pops before I got everything figured out!

Good luck, the kids love them!
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