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Joining fondant edges

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I am having a difficult time joining my fondant edges. I like to make cake fondant covered sculptures, but when I try joining the pieces I always get lines. I have tried to smooth them out with my fingers, fondant smoother, tried putting greese on my fingers, etc. Any info would be great.
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What are you trying make out of fondant?
Is is possible to make it, and then roll out the fondant and cover the entire thing and then just smooth it down? I have done this a few times with baby booties.
Otherwise, I wet my finger a little and smooth the lines out. It also could depend on what type of fondant you use.
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in a small glass container add a small amount of the fondant that you are using and add a small amount of boiling hot water to make a glue like paste and use a paint brush and paint it over the seam.

best of luck.
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As a general rule, fondant seams will not be buffed out. Modeling chocolate will, you might look into that.

You can also caulk holes and seams with royal icing and a wet finger.
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if you use a sharp pair of scissors to cut the seam instead of a knife it will make it easier to make it seem less noticeable
I usually rub a seam with an icing sugar bag , that I make out of a piece of pantyhose.
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