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Need advice on barrell cake please

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I'm making a barrel cake with sugar beer bottles and ice on top. I'm making the barrel out of two, 4" tiers.... 9" round. Of course I need to support the bottom tier. Here's the dilemma...I'm covering the barrel with wood panels made of fondant. I see all kinds of pics of barrel cakes that look like they are at least 7"-8" high with one continuous wood panel from top to bottom. How do they get the top tier off the bottom when it's time to cut the cake?

The only thing I can think of is to cut my wood (fondant) panels in half where to two tiers come together and then put a band around the cake at that spot. Then when it's time to cut the cake they can just remove the band and the top tier will be easy to remove. I just don't see any other way...other than peeling off all the fondant wood panels before cutting.

Any other suggestions? Hopefully I'm making sense here icon_lol.gif
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You will find a lot of barrel cakes online. Din't search for beer barrel cakes because those are usually short tub like barrels. But "barrel cake" will show you a lot more. One example below.
And yes, I would cut my fiondant in 2 even though the seam would be hidden by a metal looking strapping around the barrel
But you'rer cake is more of a square
9 wide, 8+ tall
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Thank you Lynne3. Yes I found lots of pictures of barrels. And I've seen several that looked pretty tall without a band around the middle. So I just wondered how the heck they separated the tiers when it came time to cut the cake. Maybe they just didn't worry about that part when they assembled the cake...
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The cake picture I posted is not seperate "wood" panels. They are grooves embossed into a fondant covered cake. You could easily make your 2 fondant covered tiers and run the embossing up both seperate cake layers. Then run your metal strip to cover the plate in the center. If you want "wood strips, I think that would look great also with a strip to disguise the layer seperation.

It's good that you are thinking about how the cake will be served. I hate when a cake becomes a "hot mess" because it looks great before, and no one thought about the serving part of the event.
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I made the wooden (fondant) panels last night. I am assembling the cake tonight so I will go with that plan...cut the panels in half where the tiers come together and hide with a band.

I agree, I think the customer should be able to cut the cake without having to destroy it in the process.

Thanks for the feedback!
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