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Need to buy ivory/white cake stand

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Hi everyone!

I have an ivory wedding cake to do and am looking for a good sturdy cake stand which I can use again and again.

Do I have to use an ivory colored stand or a white one can also do? The couple don't really have a preference.

How will something like this look when used as a wedding cake stand?

Anyone have any recommendations please? TIA! icon_smile.gif
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I like that cake stand. The base is only 10 inches though. You'd have to either stack on site (with a 10 inch bottom tier) or have your bottom tier not be bigger than 8 inches in order to accomodate your stacked cake and board.

If your cake is in fact on the small side I just bought this and it is beautiful! I did a 10-8-6 on it. The pictures really don't do it justice. It looks very expensive but it's not.

Whatever you do avoid using a white stand with an ivory cake. thumbs_up.gif
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thanks cms2! so if I end up getting the ebay stand, I will be able to stack the cake on site, when doing a 10-inch bottom tier? Will it fit well?

Thanks for the link for the crystal stand! It's beautiful! And can I do the ivory cake on the crystal stand?

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Whatever stand you decide to go with, check and see how big of a cake/ board it will accomodate. You don't want to be discovering that at the last minute. It should accomodate a 10" cake but your cake board underneath will also need to be 10" and not any larger.

Yes, that crystal cake stand would be gorgeous with an ivory cake. You can go to my wesite and see the stand with a buttercream cake on it. My buttercream is not a stark white but it's not really ivory either. I cut my cake base (foam core) to the exact measurement of the top of the stand and wrapped a true ivory ribbon around the edge (after delivery and set up).

HTH. Good luck!
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My big stand is from Sarah's Stands. I love it!
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I did check Sarah's stand but thought they were a bit plain-looking for the amount of money
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