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Very happy for you! icon_smile.gif
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I'm late to this party, but I have to add that I'd always check with the venue and the person who cut the cake before refunding anything. I had a client complain that the cake was too dry to eat, and when I called the venue they said that the cake was fine, but the client was in the kitchen insisting that they cut it really thin so that "she could take a lot home." Well, if you cut pieces thin enough to read through, it will seem dry because there won't be anything on your fork!

On the other hand, if there really was something wrong, I'd refund right away. It's always good to find a neutral third party and find out what really happened first, though.
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Bluehue is obviously an expert on this type of cake and I am not. But, when I have a product that has a shorter shelf life than the average scratch item, it is my responsibility to point this out either when ordering or in the description on my site.

So I will stand by my original post. A client should not have to be a cake expert. We are. And it's our job to make sure the product fits its intended use if the shelf life, storage, etc., is not standard. I have a cake on my site that is delicious, but will crumble slightly if not kept refrigerated and served cold. Each client knows the limitations so that they can decide if it fits their needs. I have eight sticky buns that sell for $40.00. Obviously no one (hopefully) will eat these in one sitting. If I don't provide proper storage, freezing, and re-heating instructions, chances are that more than half of that order will not be at it's best. It doesn't matter how great the first four were when I delivered them. If the last four were not handled properly, the customer, in essence, paid $10 per bun. The customer will be less than satisfied no matter how great they are.

In my research, I have found that many customers give rave reviews, but in fact feel that the product did not live up to the price or was considered mediocre. But in many areas, mediocre is still the best available. I am actually researching this among other industry practices and this general information has been my finding in 100% of cases I have researched. No details. Sorry. I'm gathering information for a later purpose.

Blue and carmijok, sorry, maybe I should have used the term, "event cake", but the post is still the same.

Carmijok, I have obviously not tasted the cakes from your bakery. The information I have is based on gathering data in a standard scientific manner. This is not research of just this subject, but part of a broader project. My bakery and its products are not a factor in the research. It is purely collected with no prejudice.
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Originally Posted by scp1127

I have eight sticky buns that sell for $40.00. Obviously no one (hopefully) will eat these in one sitting..


You haven't met my 16-yr-old son, have you? icon_wink.gif
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