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push up pops?

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I'm sure there must be threads already about push up pops but I can't seem to find them when I search. We are hosting a large cookout/birthday party this summer and I'm considering making push up cake pops. I'm looking for "all things" push up cake pops......where to buy containers inexpensively? how to display them? flavor combinations? how far in advance and tips for making?

Can anyone point me in the right direction or offer tips? tia.
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Try amazon they have stand for it, also the containers plus a recipe book exclusive for push up pops
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think have supplies like this
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I made them for a skating party because kids were not going to have enough time to eat cake. This way they could take them home. But they ate them right there.

In this thread I put in a link to where you can get them cheap if you buy a hundred. Trust me, it's better that way. I also got a stand that holds 28. I love it.

Amazon is too expensive for this.
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I bought mine for my daughter's birthday from J B Prince. Best prices around in bulk of course. Can't beat them!
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That's it. JB Prince. Buy a hundred and they'll be about 50 cents each as opposed to 1 dollar or more per piece. After all, you'll keep on using them. The stand holds 28. I will be using my next 28 containers in about a week...they go fast.
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I am from Canada and ordered some in, I paid less the .50 each but had to pay $10 for shipping. Just waiting for them to come in to give them a try. I hope I like them bc I had to order them in a box of 100.
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