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Royal icing trouble!!!

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The past few times I've made wiltons royal icing it hasn't been drying right, it ends up turning into like a thick fluff or marshmallow instead of drying hard. Am I putting to much water or do I need to add more water?
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hmm..I wish I knew how to help. Royal icing should dry hard regardless of how thin or thick the icing is.
Are you in a very humid area or house? Warm weather and humidity can really affect how long it takes RI to dry.

POssibly trying letting it dry in a cool place in the house (if it isn't already-but not in the fridge) or with a fan blowing on it.

Also, I'm sure you know this, but just in case-it needs to air dry sitting out, not in any sort of airtight container.

Other than those suggestions, I really have no idea what else to tell you! Hope you figure it out!
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Is it fluffy when you're done mixing it? Mine was and my Wilton teacher said I was overbeating it.
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Make sure you are not puting t it on icing with any o thing that has any oil on it.
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