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frosting issues!!!!

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Hi all,

I have had this problem with the last 3-4 frosting recipes i have tried. The problem that I have is that the frosting tastes great, but when I put it in the piping bag with a star tip and start piping it is like piping butter. It is not very fluffy and it comes out "stringy". I open the bag to see whats going on and the heat from my hands always "melts" the frosting. It has the consistence of butter EVERY time. What the heck is going on? Is it because I'm using real butter and not margarin? Does anyone have a "fool proof" vanilla frosting recipe that is super fluffy? Thanks so much!!!!
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Here is my favorite recipe:

2 of everything

2 cups butter
2 cups shortening
2 pounds powdered sugar
2 Tabelspoons flavoring

Beat together butter and shortening for 10 minutes on med speed; add about 1/3 of the sugar; beat 5 minutes; add another 1/3 of the sugar; beat another 5 minutes; add the remaining sugar along w/the flavoring and mix 2 minutes, until sugar is no longer powder then mix on lowest speed for 7-10 minutes until very smooth.
This icing does NOT crust. If you want a crusting icing reduce the shortening OR the butter by 1 cup OR reduce each by 1/2 cup, keeping all the rest of the ingredients and instructions the same.

Flavoring can be *whatever* combination you like: lemon, vanilla, almond, butter - whatever combination 'floats your boat' icon_smile.gif I prefer 1 part vanilla; 1/2 part butter flavor and 1/4 part almond. I ususally mix it up by the cupful but you can use teaspoon OR Tablespoon - whatever - just as long as you keep the ratio the same.
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