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cream cheese frosting

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Hi. I have read before in one of the forums here about using gelatin as stabilizers for cream based frostings. I was not able to get the procedure on how to do it thoughicon_sad.gif I am making a huge cake with cream cheese frosting for a wedding of a friend and am quite anxious about how the frosting would turn out considering the weather in our country. Please help.
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Cuppy, first let me say that I don't know about using gelatin as a stabilizer in a cream cheese frosting or the weather in your country. It's hot and humid here in the south and what I do is make a stiff shortening based buttercream and add a little cream cheese to lightly flavor it but not enough to soften the frosting. Hope this helps..
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I have only done that with whipped cream, but stability refers to not breaking down in structure.

Cream cheese cannot be stabilized and it will always need refrigeration. It will always wilt in warm weather.

I use it with no problem in hot weather, but the client must be on board for its limitations.

I keep it cold until just before serving. This may mean in a refrigerator and a grand entrance, or a design that can be kept in individual tiers in coolers and stacked just before serving. In every case so far for me, the client has opted for the real thing to make an appearance closer to serving time in hot weather outside.
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thanks so muchicon_smile.gif I try to avoid shortening but in this case with cream cheese I guess I have to try..

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