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Metallic cake?

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Hi all! I've been asked to make a cake for my friend's mom's 50th birthday surprise party. She said the theme of the party is gold and pearls. I saw this website a while ago with several pictures of metallic cakes and just wondering how to do this? Is it just buttercream? Thanks!!
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Let me Clarify - I'm talking specifically about the first cake on that site, although I'd like to know in general how to do this for future reference too.
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to me that looks like buttercream and then sprayed with metallic lustre from an airbrush or can.
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Thanks that's what I was thinking too - at first i was thinking there was a way to make the icing gold but I guess its easier to airbrush. Some of those other cakes look like they used gold/silver leaf, right?
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The two with the silver bases look like they were done with silver leaf. I really like the metallic look, I plan to order some gold & silver leaf to experiment with soon!
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Yep the other ones are done with silver leaf , if you have a look in my photos ,I just did one for my niece's wedding.
You really need the fondant to cure for a least two to three days before putting on the leaf .
I used a damp cloth to dampen the area for the leaf to be attached it has to be tacky for the leaf to adhere.
It is fiddly and I have decided that an extra charge of Two hundred dollar per tier will be charged if I have to do it for a client.
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Where would you go to find gold/silver leaf?
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