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Sugar cookie advice...

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So I'm going to use Betty croker kix for the sugar cookie that I will use a owl cookie cutter to cut out and decorate. Now the question is, the mix asks for 1 egg but I have a ton of egg yolks from baking a cake. Can I use those instead? If so how many yolks to replace a whole egg? Would it make it harder to cut/bake them in owl shapes?
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If the recipe asks for one egg then use one egg - keep your egg yolks for an omlette or scrambled eggs - or use them by making a Quiche -

Somw may say just use your egg yolks - but i have no idea as to how many one would use to replace an actual whole egg.....sorry.

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Thanks so decided to use the 1 egg the betty crocker package asked for but wondering how the cooking should be adjusted? It said 5-7 min and it was nowhere near done until about 15 mins. But once they cooled off, they were crispie on the corners and kinda doughy in the middle. Im not a cookie baker, so can anyone tell me what I should look for when checking to see if the cookies are baked?
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Oh thats how i like my Cookies - crispie on the outside and soft on the inside...

Depending on the size of the actual Cookies depends on how long they would need to be cooked for - and also the temp that you bake them at.

I have 3 different vanilla cookie recipes and each one has varying baking times - however, if i am baking larger size cookies - i cook them for the set time at the set temp - them knock the temp down for a further 3 - 6 minutes so as they don't burn around the outter edges...

But them my oven is a permenant fan forced oven so i always have to knock the temp down by 20C to begin with...

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Those cookie mixes and pre-made cookies are soft and they expand. My daughter, when she was younger, tried to use my cookie cutters with the roll kind. They were fluffy and soft in the middle, and they didn't keep sharp edges.

You may not be a cookie baker, but the NFSC recipe on here is so easy and you will get the results you want. This dough was made to keep sharp edges and stays flat.
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