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Mother's Day Cake

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Hey Guys! I'm back again, looking for something elegant, beautiful, and simple. My mother is my hero and she's always here for me. I want to do something that will show her how much I love her. She never fails to show how proud of me she is and always tells me how much she loves me. I want to return the love she shows me by making her an amazing Mothers Day cake.
Once again, I have small work space (home kitchen) and limited supplies. I'm only 13 and don't have too many tricks up my sleeve, but do have some talent. I'm basically asking for suggestions on what type of cake, design ideas, colors for things, ect.
Any and all suggestions are helpful!
Thanks in advance!! usaribbon.gif
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How about something like this?

A lot of it can be done in advance so it'll make it easier for you
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If you think of her as your hero[ine] how about a Superwoman or Wonder Woman cake? or some other comic book heroine
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I'm a bit older than you are (20), but my mom is still my best friend. I'm thinking about making a rosette cake, simple, quick, and cute. And on the cake board just writing happy mother's day and a note saying how much I love/appreciate her, etc.
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