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Egg free, Gluten free buttercream-like frosting?

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Hi all!

I'm back to seek some help from the Cake Central community. I've been asked by a coworker to make a cake for her little girl after she learned that cake decorating is a hobby of mine.

Unfortunately, the birthday girl is allergic to gluten and eggs. Her mom will be baking the cake with her own special gluten/egg free recipe, and we determined that the ingredients in Michelle Fosters Fabulous Fondant is all gluten free. But how in the world can I stick MFF to a cake without frosting (that preferably won't melt the fondant or slide down the sides of the cake)?!!?!?!

Anyone run into this before and find a good recipe that I can use under fondant?

Thanks in advance for any recipes, ideas or suggestions! icon_biggrin.gif
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Buttercream should be egg and gluten free if you just use butter or shortening and pure icing sugar. Be careful if you use an icing mixture that has starch added as it could be wheat flower + gluten. For a crusting buttercream I would use a 2 to 1 ratio of sugar to shortening at least. There are plenty of recipes here. HTH
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To stick MFF to the cake: ganache. No idea if it's gluten free, chocolate should be. Maybe depends on the brand (processed in gluten-free manufacturing facility).
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Thanks for the great suggestions!! They are truly appreciated!

I typically use meringue in my butter cream so I'll give it a shot sans meringue. I tried ganache once and it was a horrible disaster LOL, no doubt I did something seriously wrong... might give that another shot after I consult with the mother.

I really feel for this little girl... She's never had a professionally made cake due to her dietary restrictions. Granted I'm no where near a pro, but I'd love to give her a beautifully decorated fondant cake (or anything more than a simple pan cake covered in store bought frosting).

You guys rock! thumbs_up.gif
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I have severe food allergies myself and started a bakery that specializes in allergy-friendly cakes (the bakery regularly makes professionally-decorated egg-free and gluten-free cakes) that happens to be based in San Jose. I sold the business last year but the new owner/pastry chef is very talented, if you want you can forward the web site to your co-worker.

FYI we use Satin Ice fondant and vegan buttercream, both are egg-free and gluten-free.
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Just do an american buttercream rather than swiss/italian/or french. Confectioners sugar, butter, cream. Skip the meringue powder if you use it. You won't miss it and then it will be both egg and gluten free. I have celiac and bake gluten free all the time. Frosting is by far the easiest thing to do gluten free.
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Hi. Is there any chance you could ask your co-worker for her cake recipe please? I am struggling to get an egg-free gluten-free cake that is firm enough for a fondant top. Thanks so much icon_smile.gif
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