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Elephant Cake help please

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Hi all I'm in need of HELP!

My friend wants a elephant cake that looks like dumbo.
I am totally stuck on how to attach the elephants trunk, with out it pulling the cake/fondant apart.
Any ideas?
I did think of using a half sphere of styrofoam for the bottom part of the head?
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you could use RCT to make trunk.
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Are you making a huge DUmbo that's edible, or a cake with dumbo on it?
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a 3D dumbo, won't be huge about 12 inches tall
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My approach to cakes that are like sculpture is to be amazingly cautious about strength.

When Dmbo is sitting, the height of the botom of his trunk is about as tall as his little mouse friend.
I would have a little mouse on a small box (like from the movie)
Then I would have a frame (probably 22 guage aluminum wire or wooden dowels with connectors) going up through the mouse, 90 degree angle to the trunk and attach in to Dumbo's head.
You don't have to use the "mouse". Anything that can disguise a rod that goes from the trunk down to the cake will do
Or you could make the trunk shorter because Dumbo often wrapped his trunk around the feather that he caught
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Sorry I don't understand what you mean by mouse?
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Timothy was the mouse that was friends with Dumbo

Just Google dumbo mouse friend
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If you want the trunk to be suspended, use loc-line hosing.
That's the easiest way, but there is a cost involved
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