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Ice cream cake?

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Hello, I was wondering does anyone offer ice cream cakes? Either year round or just for the summer.
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I do it but it's not on my site. I offer it all year if someone wants it.
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Thanks for the response. I was thinking about offering then but wasnt sure if it would be beneficial or not. Do you find that its something your customers request often and like that you offer?
Or is it more of a occassional request? TIA
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No and it's a pain. I make a cake that is frosted only on the top and between the layers, not on the sides, with the middle empty. The ice cream can be shaped in the cake pan, or one size below. They can be put together by the client (I have a cake board under the layer that can be slid out when the layer goes on the cake. I give the customer a mini lesson.

The other way is that I deliver it during the event so that I can put it together.

I charge a big surcharge for this over the price of the cake they order. I can make the ice cream from scratch too. I always use cooked custard bases.

Obviously, it's for those clients who want a premium dessert.

I actually will do just about anything a customer requests. If it's time-consuming, I have to charge accordingly.

To give you an idea, I charge $40.00 over my cake price for a layer of homemade ice cream added to a cake. They do get the extra ice cream. With my average cake around $40.00, this gets up there. The extra covers the ice cream, labor, and special packing to deliver.

To use store-bought premium ice cream instead, I charge the price of the ice cream plus $15.00.
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Thank you so much. Its a lot to think about. I make my ice cream as well and would really have to give the time factor some thought as well. I was thinking for summer it might be a fun thing to offer, however maybe not so much fun for Thank you again for your sharing your experience with this- it is very helpful thumbs_up.gif
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