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Cupcake order form and safe delivery

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I'm sure this has been asked before, but after spending waaay too long on the "wonderful" cc search engine I'm unable to locate relevant info. so I'm hoping some kind soul (s) will assist me.
I'm a hobby baker planning to start a business under our state's new CFL. I had planned on only doing cakes, but several friends have inquired about ordering cupcakes and cookies. I am ordering Cake Boss to help with figuring out my costs (since I have never charged before), and have decided on cake order forms but don't know 2 important things:
1. What is the best way to deliver an order of cupcakes, to insure they arrive undamaged? The Wilton cupcake boxes looked kind of whimpy to me and wouldn't they bump into each other?
2. Is there a good template for a cupcake order form?
Thank you!
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I get all of my boxes from You need to get the inserts for the boxes so you don't have to worry about the cupcakes tipping over or squishing into each other.
As far as an order form, once you get the cakeboss program you will do EVERYTHING on it. It is an amazing program! I have it and love it! Plus you can print off several different reports, etc including invoices for your customers.
Good luck!
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This thread is the answer to my cupcake prayers! I'm thinking of starting a business too and i didn't know what cake boss was! So helpful!

good luck with your business icon_smile.gif

my other question is, i've been looking at wholesale cupcake liners and they're asking for sizes? not to sound too ignorant, but i usually just bake at home and use the ones from the what size do i need? i heard the "standard" size is 55?
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I use BRP Box Shop with the inserts. The pink ones are very sturdy.
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Thanks so much! icon_smile.gif
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