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Mint Julep WASC recipe?

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Anyone have any ideas on how to make this? TIA icon_smile.gif
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I have seen scratch recipes for mint julep cakes and it seems they all have the MJ flavor in the icing. A mint julep is bourbon, mint and simple sugar. I would just incorporate bourbon and mint into a WASC recipe just as you would any liqueur varation.
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I like her ^^^ suggestion. Be careful using mint extract as it is VERY strong. I would go very light w/it in the batter, then if need be add some to the icing also. I'd probably use about 1/2 C burbon - the rest water.
Do be aware that more recent tests show that alchole does NOT bake out as the old thought was......much of it stays there. That can be a problem for people 'on the wagon' and children icon_sad.gif I wonder if someone makes a bourbon extract that could be used?
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Ok Ive never even heard of a mint julip Wasc.
This is just a thought ...
I d make the cake more of a yellow pound cake . Id make a simple syrup after it was baked and use bourbon or a bourbon flavor (sparingly. )and pour on the layers.Now if kids are to be at the event I wouldnt use real bourbon. Then melt Andres Mints and pour over the top.
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