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Boxes--small quantity

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Hi y'all--loooooong time no type!

Can anyone recommend online sources for ordering a few pretty multi-cupcake boxes? I'm looking for boxes that will hold at least a dozen standard-sized cakes. A couple co-workers and I are baking six dozen for another colleague's retirement next week, and we'd really like to be able to present them in nice boxes. I'm finding lots of inventive options for individual cupcakes, or boxes by the case, but next to nothing out there for just a few boxes that hold more than 4 apiece.

Thanks for any ideas--
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I ordered cake boxes from Global Sugar Art and I was very satisfied with the cake boxes. I order from them frequently. They are great.
They are located in Plattsburgh NY. They are very quick with shipping their orders to

Here is the link for cupcake boxes.

Good Luck!
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Just met the owners of a specialty box company. showed a group of us their boxes. They have CC boxes on their website.
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brp now sells a quantity of 10. They are very pricey compared to bulk, but perfect for what you are looking for.
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I searched all over the internet for reasonably priced single cupcake boxes. Then I abandoned that idea in favor of using 9 oz clear plastic solo cups.

ETA: I did find some on Oriental Trading's website that had the box and the insert for a reasonable price, but I didn't want to pay all that shipping and I wasn't thrilled with the colors (they only had bright colors and I was just looking for white/natural).
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