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[OLD] Wilton Cake Leveler

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Can anyone tell me where I can find this:

I'm interested in the older Large Cake Leveler that does NOT fold. I have the foldable one and it sucks!

Does anyone have one that they are willing to sell?? I cant find this one anywhere
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In all honesty I don't think a) that you'll find it as it's probably been discontinued and b) will find it's not much better than the one you have. Major complaint was that the blade was flexible.

If you can afford it invest in an Agbay. Best tool I ever bought. And you can go with their "junior" model if you can't afford anything bigger yet.
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You can HAVE mine!! I agree with pmarks0! thumbs_up.gif
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I did heard that the wilton levels are horrible so i went and got my Agbay. I loooove it, however, I saw a clip on youtube that changed my life. I shows a lady cutting the cake with her arm locked at her side and she pushes the cake on the cake stand with the other. I'm not sure if i described it well but it worked the first time i tried it. It worked so well that I rarely use my Agbay. Let me see if I can find it on youtube and post it here before you buy anything.
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didn't find the one I was looking for but this is the same idea

it shows you the wilton level first then around 3 mints into it it shows you how to lock your arm and turn the cake on the turn table with the other hth. good luck. try this first then decide if you want the leveler
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i tried being patient with the wilton leveler but it just doesnt work. but thanks for the info on the agbay leveler, i've been hearing about it for a while but it was just too expensive. but i like how they have the junior option icon_smile.gif
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I tried to respond to this yesterday, but the reply got lost in "internet land".

There is a tutorial thread on that talks about the specific "lock arm" technique advocated by Sweetwise, Inc. (they make fabulous, free, videos) and the new, $6 Wilton Cake Marker tool. The combination allows you to tort cakes beautifully.

"Using Wilton's new Cake Marker to achieve level, torted cakes!"

(The "lock-arm" technique is in the first 4 minutes of this video):
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Great tip! Thanks...going to michaels after to work to buy the wilton marker
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Sorry to disagree...but AGBAY all the way! I just finished my first wedding cake and thank goodness for my junior AGBAY!!! I've had every leveler going and I've tried the turntable thing too...unfortunately, my WILTON turntable wobbles slightly and my hand isn't steady enough to get the straight cut that comes with the AGBAY. And no, I don't sell them or work for the company but I completely endorse and love it! Worth every penny! thumbs_up.gif
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MissCuteCupcakes~~You're very welcome. Let me know how it goes, would ya?
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I sure will!
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