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Help needed ASAP

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Totally new in here..
Want to make 2 tired square cakes covered in fondant. Planning 2 layers & filling inbetween for each tire... My choices are Red Velvet at the bottom, strawberry / raspberry or mango mousse (done using heavy whipping cream & unflavored geletin) & top layer would be either pure white or Angel food white cake. Crumb coat under fondant I usually do butter cream but this time want to try White chocolate ganache.

What do you think ..
1) this combination sounds good?
2) will this combo stay fresh & neat 6-8 hrs at room temp?
3) never used ganach before & not with fondant.. will these 2 go well with eachother?
4) how do I carry/deliver this cake .. I have read commute option/tips but did not find anything about cake box.. I mean tired cake's goes in bigger/taller box or open?? Also if it goes in box where can I find such big box?.. I have never seen any in Michael's craft shop or anywhere.. This would be VERY formal party.. don't want to goof up..

So worried for whole thing... PLEASE help me

TONS Thanks in advance to helping me..
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Do a taste test of the both to make sure you like it/them. For tall cakes I use packing crates if they're stacked or put each tier in a cakebox and assemble on site. But notice how on t.v shows they hardly ever use boxes ?
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