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How long does pastry cream last inside a cake?

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I'm making a cake filled with pastry cream and the cake will be stored in the refrigator. How long Will it last? It is made with egg yolks and milk. Thank you!

Sarah K Walsh
Sarah K Walsh
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I wouldn't risk serving it to a customer beyond 48 hrs.

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If you keep it refrigerated, it will last at least 4 days without going bad. Of course, it not as good as the first or second day. However, having said that, I wouldn't sell a cake that old nor would I serve it at a family birthday party (I only bake as a hobby for family and close friends. I never sell them). I know it doesn't go bad because I like to test things that I bake to see what will happen (freeze, leave in the refrigerator for a few days, etc.).
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I agree with Oreo. I would make the cream, refeigerate, and add to the cake at the last possible moment. The quality will be an issue long before the safety.

The cake can only sit at room temp for four hours. After that it must be discarded. So serve it and put it back in the refrigerator as soon as you can before it must be thrown away.
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I have stored pastry cream in plastic bags, in the fridge, sealed properly, for 1 week and it tasted as fresh as the 1st day.
As filling in the cake, if stays in the fridge can last even longer as buttercream and fondant help to conserve it well. Make sure you use the freshest milk, with the longest possible expiration date.
It should not seat too long at room temperature, I would say no more than 3-4 hrs, although I have seen stores displaying pastry cream sweets for a whole day.
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Food safety standards state four hours at room temp (they mean 72, adjust if it is hotter), then discard. You would want to follow the guideline so that you don't set yourself up for liability.

Pastry creams, like custards, or any egg and dairy based product will break down. I do agree with the above poster to a point. I have one that seems to defy age too, but only one. Since we don't know the recipe the OP will be using, my posts always tend to be based on the average, or standard result.
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