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How is this done?

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Hi Everyone,
does anyone know how to achieve this look? At first it looked like dragees to me, but now looking at it, most of it looks really small. What do you all think? How do I make this happen?
Thanks, P
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Wow, this is like the third thread that has popped up about this cake! Obviously it is gaining some popularity.

I believe what we discussed previously is to use piping gel and scatter the sugar pearls over the top edge of the cake, and then you could edge the cake with the pearls just like you would with nuts or shaved chocolate. You just need to make sure you have a good layer of piping gel or RI to hold them in place. Looking at the picture a second time, there is no way in hell I would put all of those on individually!
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They just look like a mixture of different sized dragees and pearls.
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Beautiful cake!! I agree with Annie.
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Ha-ha, I guess it is popular! So I gather go with 4 mm dragees and some 6 and 8 for variety. The cake is going to be buttercream. I'm still uncertain if dragees will stay put, especially during the transport. Would you use piping gell on top of crusted buttercream the way you would do on fondant. And I gathered from the previous thread that is very time consuming, so does that mean that extra charges will be most likely, first for the cost of all of these dragees and then for the extra time it's going to put the on the cake, right?
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Don't forget to post the photo!!!! : -)
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