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Need a bit of help for a cake idea

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Hi all,

I hope that this is in the right place to post this thread,

Today I brought in a simple sponge with buttercream and strawberry jam in the middle with fondant cake for my colleagues to enjoy at work ( it was a test cake for a wedding) which all got great reviews, so much so one that one of my friends/colleague approach me inquiring about a cake to do for him, he is wanting a chocolate sponge with strawberry compote in it somewhere! He did say swirls like in a cheesecake but honestly I don't know how to do that I am still somewhat new to this, I did suggest that I could do it in layers, but my concern is would it soak into the sponge and become soggy? I was thinking to do the sponge with a center of the compote and maybe a strawberry buttercream and on the top of the cake I was thinking to do a pool of the compote by digging a little of the sponge out the center , as he said that he would like a layer of the compote ( he doesn't like the fondant) like it is for a cheesecake the thin layer that is on the top, I hope you get where I am coming from. Or is this idea just ridiculous icon_sad.gif

all help/advice/tips etc will be greatly appreciated.

P.S he is paying me for it too!
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Hi Catherine123! Just like you, I am fairly new to this also. I've only been at this around 2 years but as I was reading your message my initial thought was pretty much the same as yours. Put a thin layer of buttercream on the top & bottom of each half before you put the compote on. Now, I don,t know if that is the right answer but thats what I would attempt to do if it were me. Best of luck & I am positive you'll be just fine & do a fantastic job! : )
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